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      UL AWM sharing and communication meeting held in the company
      Source: | Author:Xinya Electronic | Published time: 2021-07-24 | 3903 Views | Share:

             On July 22, 2021, UL organization sharing and communication meeting was held in Xinya Electronic Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Wenhua and Mr. Shi Liujian, vice president of the company, warmly welcome Ms. Lacey Xue, chief cable expert of UL Greater China, Ms. Queenie Li, key account manager of UL, and customer representatives of various companies to visit Xinya electronic. The engineers of the company's technology R &amp; D center also take this valuable opportunity to exchange and study with experts and customers

      At the meeting, Ms. Lacey Xue, a UL cable expert, focused on sharing new knowledge such as electrical wiring standard - UL758, power cord standard UL62 and test standard ul2556. The expert gave a wonderful speech and actively interacted on site. The communication meeting not only shared new industry knowledge, but also enhanced the company's further communication and understanding with UL experts and customers, laying a good foundation for smooth business cooperation in the future.

      (the picture shows the site of UL AWM sharing communication meeting)